Special Education

VR helps students with special needs develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. For students with diverse needs and learning styles arising from their disabilities, VR can help accommodate often unique and individual learning experiences. The VR affords a truly personal experience

Veative’s VR education solution allows students with special needs to learn at their own pace, while being distraction and judgment free. Differentiated learning in a regular classroom is what spec-ed teachers have been looking for, and we responded

We know a distraction-free experience for students with attention deficiency challenges is essential. The immersive environment of a Veative VR experience encourages sustained attention and a deeper level of focus. The Veative solution provides individuals with ADHD with high levels of stimulation and immediate learning by doing in a virtual world those things that feel more comfortable, and makes them less anxious. Learning with VR increases motivation, eases interaction, develops cognitive skills, enhances short-term memory, and makes lessons more enjoyable

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    Some of the MANY reasons our educators use VEATIVE

    Active learning – better outcomes

    Distraction & judgment-free learning   

    Formative assessments in every module  

    Standards aligned with robust data analytics


    Easy to use for teachers and students

    Affordable, scalable, easy to deploy

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    With more than 500 standards-aligned immersive modules, teachers can now bring their lessons to life, enriching their students’ learning experiences and improving their learning outcomes.



    Industry Recognition

    Veative has gained industry recognition and won numerous awards.


    Veative VR Content Showreel

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