World’s First


enabled VR Headset designed 

for educational use



  • Pre-loaded content (no streaming required!)
  • Operating System designed for educational use, and 6 Gb of RAM
  • In-built mobile device management
  • Massive storage (128 Gb) to add more VR educational content
  • It’s your device and should be used the way you need (unlocked)
  • Add more content? Absolutely! It will grow with your needs

3 Dof vs 6 Dof

There are those that blithely consider 6 Dof Devices (like the Meta Quest) to offer a “better experience.” It may be true that the sense of immersion is heightened using those devices, however, like everything in life, there is a cost to be borne of this decision. For education, we need to consider all aspects, from availability of content, space requirements, practical usage, privacy concerns and overall price, to inclusiveness (non-native learners, special needs students, and so on).
The choice is yours, but be very cognizant of the costs (real and intrinsic).


We are believers in the value of offline learning, because of the realities of school networks (streaming 360° content requires reliable connectivity for multiple users, with high bandwidth dependency). However, we needed a viable solution for students and teachers who may be remote, yet still want and need to learn. Based off a 2019 project we did with UNICEF, even students at home during a pandemic could learn using Veative content (and no VR headset), using a PC or Chromebook. A practical solution for a difficult problem.


Portable storage carts and cases to keep VR sets 


  • Single data transfer cable for content transmission within the headsets
  • Built-in interchange input voltage switch
  • Cases built for 8 devices, and carts typically hold 30 devices
  • Highly portable to enable devices to be transported between classrooms or to any other location in the school

Also available in a more


  • Stores 4 to 8 headsets, and controllers
  • Multiple charging points for VR headsets
  • Single data transfer cable for content loading of headsets