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About NISA

The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) is a platform that brings together budget private schools (BPS) from across the country to give them a unified voice to address their concerns about legislation and by-laws which apply to them and to facilitate quality improvement in schools. As of today, NISA represents over 50,000+ schools, from 34 state associations , which cater to the needs of approximately ~22 million learners, with an average of about ~400 children per school.


NISA is striving for a systemic change with a focus on building a strong platform for creating awareness around Budget Private Schools (BPS). It aspires to achieve policy change and improve school quality through:


  • Advocacy of immediate concerns of low-fee and budget private schools via the media and other channels to build evidence for their relevance.
  • Creation of an ecosystem for school Quality Improvement by partnering with different organizations working in the education space.

20 States

50,000+ Schools

34 State Associations

~22 Million Children


One of the largest education transformation initiatives in India

NISA has partnered with Veative, a worldwide leader in VR education. As per this partnership, Veative is able to reach over 50,000+ budget schools in India, which may positively impact the educational needs of up to 22 million students. This initiative allows for the introduction of Veative’s VR headsets, controllers, and platform into these schools. All headsets are preloaded with Veative VR content, which offers the largest interactive, curriculum-aligned, VR-based education library in the world.

Veative VR Learn for NISA SCHOOLS


  • Mapped to multiple curricula covering science & mathematics
  • Interactive VR modules
  • Analytics
  • LMS/LRS Integration
  • Classroom Management
  • Customizable to local languages




Physical labs for chemistry, biology and physics are an expensive proposition for schools everywhere, and safety is an ever-present concern. Remove these fiscal challenges and relieve your stress levels by running labs virtually. Set young, inquisitive minds free, to explore the world of science and activate that curiosity by allowing free reign in a virtual space. The virtual world invites inquiry and curiosity, and a curious mind is an open and engaged mind. This of course leads to a receptive mind, primed and ready to learn.




Mathematical concepts are not always easily visualized, handicapping learners who just don’t “get it.” However, Veative has created some interesting ways to bring students into the world of math, by connecting difficult-to-grasp ideas with real world situations, all in a virtual world! When a polyhedron is no longer a flat image, but a 3D, interactive object, it starts to make more sense. When that object can be explored from the inside, spatial intelligence is activated and a deeper understanding is within the reach of learners.




A sense of wonder. This is what we wish to awaken. For many schools, students may not get a chance to visit and explore some of the wonders of this world… until now. Veative Virtual Tours can act as an escape from the rigors of STEM modules. Take your learners to the Eiffel Tower and stand in awe of this simple, yet majestic, landmark. Allow your charges the chance to feel what life is like in Paris, yet at the same time, learn about the architect, design and construction of this wondrous sight.




Not since the introduction of audio into the language classroom has a technology been so primed to make a significant difference in the learning of languages. VR enables real life experiences, in the safe and comfortable environment needed to ignite language learning. Role-play situations can be enhanced by interacting with virtual people. Scenario-based modules allow a connection between the scene, the context, and the target language. This airport scenario brings learners into a new world, and helps to arouse a desire to learn more.

Veative provides its own proprietary reporting system for teachers and students to view analytics. Analytics data can also be sent to any other LMS/LRS system (capable of retrieving results), used by schools.



  • Complete assessment of the class
  • Select any student to check his/her progress
  • Snapshot of modules that require more attention



  • Complete assessment of the student
  • Total attempts for each of the modules
  • Domain proficiency (Blooms Taxonomy)