• Singapore is in the house. That’s right, Veative, a virtual reality company headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, USA, UAE, and Egypt, has hit the VR market with notable fanfare. Veative is a joint effort by two respected digital learning organizations – Piron Corporation and Almotahida Education Group – in
  •       Continuing its promise to place innovative teaching and learning technologies into schools, Sangari Education has been appointed a distributor for Veative’s educational virtual reality in education solutions. “Veative is a VR-focused education company that creates innovative VR curriculums, at an affordable price point, to transform how students
  • Veative uses immersive technologies such as 3D, VR, AR and MR with an objective to bring significant educational transformation.       Veative has launched its Virtual Reality (VR) Learn solution. Veative uses immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality with an objective to bring
  • Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, fortified by a varying number of years of experience. Let’s take two teachers at each end of the spectrum, knowing that the rest fall somewhere in-between. There is Mrs. Applebaum, 62 years old, and has about 37 years of teaching under her
  • Virtual reality in education, though still rather new, can no longer be thought of as a gadget, used for fun in a classroom. Many forms of research have been performed, the results of which are positive and encouraging, if not profound. A virtual environment offers a unique opportunity to catch